Someone’s Bank Account Gets PWNED

Chimera Skull From Playstation 3 Game TV Ad Sold

Don’t we all wish we had $2500 dollars just to throw around? I’m calling shenanigans if you say no to that. That’s right, Shenanigans have been called. But in any instance, this is an interesting thing that popped up on E-bay. Profiles In History is actually offering up the Chimera Skull used in the PS3 commercials for the Resistance TV Ad, with $2,500 being the low end price for the skull. I know, I was kind shocked when I saw it at first as well, but it seems like a legit offer and not one of those, “I’m selling a picture of…” kind of offers.

The Skull is 11″ x 9″ with the netted helmet and everything, as the picture above shows. Oh, and now that you’ve read through all my hype, a portion of the proceeds will actually be going to the United Nations Children’s Fund, so at least we know some of the money will be going to a good cause.

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