Slashing Prices Like Jason Voorhees

Slashing Prices Like Jason Voorhees

Annalist think there will be another Price cut for the PS3

It is nothing official announced by Sony at all, but looking at it from a financial stand point, it makes sense. They have been trying to break even on the cost of production and advertisement costs that they have already paid. Hence the high price at launch, and really right now as well. But with the announcement of Blu-Ray being the new video format and the fact that there are a bunch of new bundles coming, they should be in the green very soon. Which brings us to why the price cut.

There will be more and more reasons for people to own a PS3 just for cost effectiveness on the Blu-Ray player stand point. On top of that, if you don’t have one already and you really want MGS4 or GT5, why wouldn’t want to get the bundle for the same cost of the machine in general. Good selling points in my book. But if you can wait until the Christmas time, it is speculated that the cost for one will be down to where the Wii is currently, only you won’t have to fight to find one in stores.

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