See How The Universe Of Robinson: The Journey Was Hand Crafted

Robinson: The Journey — Creating The Robinson Universe

A new developer diary for Robinson: The Journey has been released and this time we get to see how the team handcrafted Robinson: The Journey’s world to give us a unique experience

We’ve already seen some of the fun that Robinson: The Journey will be bringing us when it hits the PlayStation VR hardware but now it is time to shine some light on how some of this fun has been made. It looks like those guys over at Crytek have put together another fun little developer diary for us so we can see how the universe of this PS VR title was crafted. Not only that but we get to see a bit more of the world of Robinson: The Journey and the lush landscapes outside of the team showing off how and why things where done a certain way. This isn’t just your basic dev diary here.

As it looks, the team took special care to make Robinson: The Journey feel like an alien planet or world for us without actually needing to exaggerate anything through colors or shapes. In fact, in the following video you get to see how a lot of what they used was inspired by things we have in the real world and only modified enough to make it look and feel alien. It only takes a little bit of tweaking to make something not “feel” right enough to make us question things. It looks like they took that completely to heart and ran with it. Ran with it and kept it working too.

Robinson: The Journey — Creating The Robinson Universe

Enter the virtual world of Robinson: The Journey and you will find yourself in a mysterious world—one that feels just as realistic as the world outside of your HMD. How did our developers manage to create such an all-encompassing and intense feeling of immersion? Attention to detail, from plants to props, was one of their secrets.

“I think that is one of the amazing things about this tech: that we can create an environment and you really feel like you’re there,” Executive Producer Elijah Freeman says. “From the artistic side to the technical side, we’re pushing as hard as we can because we want something that makes people feel amazed.”

I do have to say it is quite impressive that Crytek went to the lengths they did to make sure all of the objects in Robinson: The Journey were to an exact scale that they could function in the real world. Of course I can all say that when it comes to an immersive VR title like this that needs to be the case so it isn’t too shocking but it does look like they put more thought into things than just making the shell and saying it works somehow because gameplay dictates it. Kind of like how the turrets in Portal shouldn’t be able to have as many bullets as they do but gameplay dictates it so it works. I can’t wait to see how deep all of this goes for Robinson: The Journey now.

What was your personal takeaway here for Robinson: The Journey based on the new video? Are you impressed with the level of detail that they are going to or will it all be brushed under the rug once the game finally launches? Do you think that the creatures in the world will have the same level of work on their insides and will we see that? Let us know and discuss your thoughts in the comments below. For more on Robinson: The Journey as it comes out, be sure to stay right here as we’ll keep dropping all of the information as it comes right here.

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