[RUMOR] That I Hope Is True

Resident Evil 5 Now Due Out In November?

So first thing I find when I get back from a fun filled 3 day weekend is some great news. That it looks like Resident Evil 5 will be out for this holiday season. Well before the big on and after the appropriate one. Christmas and Halloween respectfully. Much better than the March of ’09 release that was originally slapped on this title.

Now why would this be the case? On the official Resident Evil Website a weird count down has been placed on the front end of the site. The image for this article is from that. I’ve been trying to figure out the two different counts, but it is kind of cool to just watch for a bit. There is things that move about. Also, the buzz on this counter is that some how it equates to November of this year. Here’s hoping.

Link is below as well as some hidden code on the flash movie from the official Resident Evil Website is below if you want to place it on your own web spaces.

<script src=”http://www.residentevil.com/js/re_bp.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

Check It Out

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