Rumor Mill: Wii Successor to Hit Shelves in 2011

They dubbed it Wii HD. HD = High Definition Graphics.

What, you thought Nintendo wasn’t gonna go there? According to “sources” (aka the “they” from above) that have seen a presentation on the next Wii (keep in mind that this next step is going to be akin to the NES going to the SNES as opposed to the SNES going to the N64, in other words, much of everything is staying the same, however it will have better graphics), it will include High Definition graphics, a larger storage medium of either a hard drive or a much larger flash memory, and tweaked controllers. While it is not said whether or not they will use Blu-Ray they have stated that they would like to implement full backwards compatibility (the Wii optical discs currently use regular DVD standards).

While not much more is known on this Wii HD, I’ll keep you posted on what happens.

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