RSS Feeds and YOU!

Ever wanted to have a notification when new narticles pop up? Wait no more! Our mod has added the rss feed feature to the Narticles page, allowing you to instantly become aware when our staff posts a new news article. But you may be asking yourself, what is an rss feed and how do I use it?

RSS Feeds are just one of the many great ways to make sure you have all the latest information on all of your favourite games, websites, etc. With that in mind, you have to ask yourself: are you falling behind on community news because you simply do not know what an RSS feed is? Look no further my friend! RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication… it even sounds friendly to use, doesn’t it? It is a handy tool used to help update sites, blogs, and podcasts frequently, from multiple sources, and to allow the public to access this information as quickly as possible.

So, how do you use one? By subscribing to it of course! Feeds are able to deliver the latest information to subscribers the second it is published to the web. Once you click the appropriate link, the subscription is then added to your internet browser favourites under the special category of “Feeds.” Then, the subscription will automatically check for updates so you don’t have to visit multiple websites manually. You can then view a feed either on the website itself, or by downloading a free feed reader program that will notify you when updates occur. Free feed readers can be downloaded here:

Simply click the RSS Feed link at the top of the Narticle main page and enjoy our future Narticles with ease!


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