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Rock Band DLC

So as I’ve done in the past, I’m here to give ya the down low or down load on the new Rock Band DLC. I’m kind of late on this weeks, at least for those who have the XBox version of the game. But hey, at least you can see what you are getting yourself into for this week with the videos I found for ya. But the other one is the Early News of next weeks Album download.

This week I am really stoked. Why? Because they just released the game in Europe and to commemorate that, there is some non-English music finally added into the mix. Just one more step towards hopefully getting some Rammstein on this game. One can hope. At least I am hoping. 🙂 Check out the links below to hear and see what they tracks are like. So far, I probably not going to download the Oasis song out of the list. Personal preference I guess.

Then we have the Announcement about the next album they are putting out for next weeks DLC. And, to be honest, not that impressed. But then again, not a huge fan of The Cars in general. I’ll most likely be skipping this week unless my friends kick down the cash for the download. So yea, links are below to check out the songs that come on that album.


Hey everybody, its that time again. Next week for DLC we have the tracks from the European release of Rock Band. All tracks are $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points) each. They will be available Tuesday on the Xbox 360 and Thursday on the PS3.

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EARLY ANNOUNCE! As many of you have sussed out already next week’s DLC is self-titled Cars album! Each track will be available for $1.99 per track (160 Microsoft Points) or $14.99 (1200 Microsoft Points) for the album. The album will release on Xbox 360 on Tuesday, May 27th and PS3 on Thursday, May 29th. The following tracks appear on the album

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