Rock Band 2

I, for one, am excited over the next installment of Rock Band. Harmonix did a wonderful job the first time around, so I’m really jumping out of my seat every time I hear something else about it. I’m about to talk about a bunch of rumors I’ve been hearing around the internets lately, so please just remember that these are rumors, nothing is confirmed.







Here are the basics:

  • You’ll be able to play the World Tour with your friends via XBL (finally).
  • There are 80+ songs total.
  • You can play your Rock Band 1 downloadable songs in Rock Band 2.

And here is a list of the tracks that have been leaked thus far:

  • “Any Way You Want It” – Journey
  • “You Oughta Know” – Alanis Morissette
  • “Testify” – Rage Against The Machine
  • “Spoonman” – Soundgarden
  • “American Woman” – The Guess Who?
  • “White Wedding” – Billy Idol
  • “Aqua Lung” – Jethro Tull
  • “Bad Reputation” – Joan Jett
  • “One Step Closer” – Linkin Park
  • “Peace Sells” – Megadeth
  • “Man in the Box” – Alice in Chains
  • “We Got The Beat” – The Go Go
  • “Kids in America” – Kim Wilde
  • “Ace of Spades” – Motorhead
  • “Hello There” – Cheap Trick
  • “Pinball Wizard” – The Who
  • “Panic Attack” – Dream Theater
  • “Chop Suey” – System of a Down
  • “Give It Away” – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • “Everlong” – Foo Fighters

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