Robinson: The Journey Will Take Us All On A Brand New Journey

Robinson: The Journey — Beginning Of The Journey

The first developer diary for Robinson: The Journey has been released and we can see how Robinson: The Journey has been crafted for PlayStation VR from the start

Maybe you’ve heard of Robinson: The Journey or maybe you haven’t. This would be the new PlayStation VR experience that Crytek has been working on that will take us into the land of dinosaurs and hopefully let us have the best experience ever. That would be the long and short of Robinson: The Journey as there still is no release date or much in ways of gameplay mechanics but we do have a new behind the scenes video to look at to see just how the game has been crafted to give us a true experience and game at the same time. It looks and more and more like a form of Jurassic Park to me though.

It does look like the team is taking their time and making things feel extremely realistic and flow correctly after seeing what they have to offer so far. It is also interesting to see just how the real world tech has forced a few bits of gameplay in Robinson: The Journey do to needs and just how players will be interacting with the game. You see that in more detail just below but it looks like movement and the core gameplay is all based on the use of the VR helmet and not how it was originally intended. It’s funny how video games work sometimes isn’t it? Of course it is.

Here you go now. Have a look at the new information for Robinson: The Journey that has just been placed out there for us. Enjoy.

Robinson: The Journey — Beginning Of The Journey

With development for Robinson: The Journey in full swing, Crytek sent Robinson developers to the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt to discuss VR, the inspiration behind the game, and dinosaurs. Robinson was built from the ground-up for VR, and the possibilities the medium offers were key in driving the team’s development choices while creating this first-person sci-fi adventure game. “It ticks off all the sci-fi boxes,” said Producer Elijah Freeman. “It has an alien planet, dinosaurs, and robots. You can’t get a better game than that.”

What are your thoughts on Robinson: The Journey based on this new video here? Are you excited to see just how it all plays out here or is it about as you expected? Is it shocking to you to see how the hardware pushed the software in the direction that it did? Let us know your thoughts and feelings on everything down in the comments below. For more on Robinson: The Journey as it flows out there be sure to stay right here as we’ll keep bringing you everything that we can.

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