Review — Hitman — Bangkok

Hitman — Bangkok

We sit down and review Hitman — Bangkok. This is the fourth episode of Io Interactive’s latest addition to the Hitman franchise. Here’s our review on how they did.

It’s time for our next big trip with Hitman and this time it off to Bangkok for some murderous fun. Io Interactive has place two more marks on the map and we are off to make sure they never see the light of day again. All in a fun setting of a fancy hotel in the exotic lands here. Just like every other episode of Hitman we are given many options to go about it and here we go with how the Square Enix franchise has progressed. Here’s our review of the latest episode of the game on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Here we go with a contract to kill an up-and-coming musician as he has traveled to Bangkok to record his next big hit. Or something like that. More or less he and his entourage are there to indulge and be general asshats in the world. Also the family lawyer of the band is in tow and he has some shady shit he has been up to and needs killing too. Now we are off to two more people as we have been paid and tasked to do so. But is everything still on the up-in-up…?


I thought that the last map for Hitman was one of the smallest to date but now we have a new contender. At least in terms of horizontal space and as the vertical space given is not truly needed for anything the whole mission and challenges set forth for us by Io Interactive. I’ve played through and overcome many of the challenges so far and have had no need to go into the basement for much. Or really to any of the other hidden areas in the map. Really if I didn’t choose to look around I wouldn’t have seen a lot of it as it was just there with no real reason. At least as I saw it. Maybe the extra missions that will come will have use of it all, but for now it wasn’t needed.


This had to be one of the most challenging episodes for Hitman to date and that is the best thing here. Up until now I found that getting from objective and opportunities to their conclusion was something too easy in the game. These were all really a challenge here and it is done really well. It’s all not just hard to be hard but it is all presented as a true challenge in the episode. Something that I was hoping Square Enix would report back to Io Interactive and it looks like they have. It is the right level of difficulty and I hope that keeps going to each episode as we go further.

I’ve also been waiting for another great addition into the Hitman story here that we’ve been getting after each episode. Before now it’s been a very small addition to it all but here we get a huge chunk added in even though there isn’t much action in the mix. Now we all know a lot more to the overall story and what is going on in the shadows and I only wish it wouldn’t have taken so long to get here. While there are still many more questions to be answered there was a nice bit here that makes this one episode that needs to be beaten for the whole franchise and not just one to push on through.


It does look like they are hitting their stride in development here for Hitman in terms of difficulty and story. Sadly, like the last episode the size of the mission space seems under-used or “small” in comparison to what we’ve had back at the launch of it all. For those who love to search just for fun the size isn’t much of an issue but this is definitely the episode that is starting the change of things. If you’ve been playing along since the beginning, then you should give this Hitman a purchase and play but this one by itself is not enough to warrant a full purchase. When you are ready for the whole story then pick this bad boy up.

I give Hitman — Bangkok a 4 Exterminators on the Exterminator scale.

Hitman — Bangkok

Hitman was developed by Io Interactive. Hitman was published by Square Enix for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 16th 2016. A PS4 copy of the game was provided by the publisher for reviewing purposes.

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