Resident Evil 7 Was In Front Of Us This Whole Time In VR

Resident Evil 7 — TAPE-1 ‘Desolation’

Looks like Resident Evil 7 had been shown off to us all a while ago but now Resident Evil 7 is officially launched and coming

If we put on our “way back” hats to a time where we heard about a demo called Kitchen we will now be able to recognize it as Resident Evil 7 and that the true horror had been shown to us quite a while ago now. During last night’s round of press events we all were able to witness a new VR experience from Capcom that many in the crowd were already murmuring Kitchen. As the demo carried on it played out just as before only a bit longer only to finally reveal that it was indeed Resident Evil 7 and that it has been in the making for a lot longer than we knew. In fact it was in the making for so long that we are going to be playing this game on January 24th of 2017 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Although for the PS4 version we will have a full VR option.

Yes, we are going to be able to play the whole game in VR and have the crap scared out of us in the process. Either or not Resident Evil 7 will be available for the other platforms in VR is not for certain just yet but it will be for PlayStation VR. Given how buddy/buddy the companies have been as of late it would make sense that it wouldn’t hop over to other platforms in this mode but we can’t rule that out just yet. Even on the Xbox as the newest console to be released will have had a year to get something set up for the launch and maybe they will have a solid VR experience for the game.

Before you dive into the following footage of Resident Evil 7 it is fully worth noting that Capcom is keeping to their word on bringing the game back to the horror roots. Even in a non-VR point of view it looks like they are taking some great leaps and concepts to keep us all terrified when playing in a large room with friends on a large screen. We are not getting the locked camera angles that did it before but if the wholesome plays out like the demo here then it does look like our field of vision will be very small and this always makes humans jumpy. The fear of the unknown is the greatest and that is what it looks like we are getting here with Resident Evil 7. Especially since I don’t think we saw a zombie of any sorts just yet.

Resident Evil 7 — TAPE-1 “Desolation”

If this video wasn’t enough Resident Evil 7 to sell you on the game just yet then do know that there is a demo on the PS4 right now for PlayStation Plus subscribers. How long it will stay is anyone’s guess but it is there now and we can all get a taste of what hell we can expect in the full game next year.

How excited are you to see Resident Evil 7 is on its way and going to be a horror filled title now? Do you think it will get VR support on the other platforms or will this be a Sony only thing? Do you think this will be more of an experience than a game and will this all be in the perspective of characters not already established in the franchise? Let us know your thoughts and discuss away in the comments below. For more on Resident Evil 7 as it comes out be sure to stay right here on the site. This is yet another titles we are all excited for and we will keep the updates flowing as they come out.

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