Resident Evil 7 Isn’t A Ghost Story & Will Continue The Franchise

Resident Evil 7 — Desolation

After the Resident Evil 7 demo was shown and made available worries that Resident Evil 7 was becoming a ghost story popped up but now they are crushed

A lot of buzz has been circulating for Resident Evil 7 since it was first shown to have been the VR demo a lot of us were horrified of playing a while back. More so since Capcom saw it fit to release the same demo that was on the show floor out there for every PS4 owner who happened to also be a PS+ subscriber. I’ve played through the Resident Evil 7 teaser a few times already myself like many others. Unlike many others though I never had a feeling that the game and franchise was going down the supernatural and ghost story path. We’ve just had many other experiences and teasers in the past to do that recently that I can see the leap of logic.

As it turns out those words had made it back to the developers and the powers that be and now we have a concrete answer that Resident Evil 7 is not shucking the zombies for ghosts here. In fact, this teaser isn’t even a direct piece of work out the final game according to the team but rather a showing of the mystery and horror aspects of the game that we can look forward to. Yes, there are many supernatural elements here and I can see the logic leaps for ghosts but there you have it from the source. We will be keeping with the same old bio-weapons we’ve grown to fear just in a new aspect and a new delivery system. Kind of as close to a reboot that they can get without actually going all the way there.

Resident Evil 7 Developers Discuss the New Evolution of Horror

The demo, just to be clear, isn’t a slice of the game. We really want to focus on what concepts we want players to understand about the game with the demo, and that’s horror. This is a tonal preview of what to expect in the game, rather than a little bit of game content you’re getting in advance. In the 20 year history of Resident Evil, you know that the key pillars of the game are fear and horror, exploration of the environment, puzzle-solving elements, resource management, and combat against enemies. Those are all in this game, but we wanted to start off with the first two – horror and exploration – and get you experiencing those two pillars up front. If you’re thinking that because those other elements aren’t in the demo, that they won’t be in the game, that’s not the case. We’re focusing up front about the message of horror coming home in this demo.

Looking back at the history of the series and thinking “How do we get people playing today to experience the same fear that they felt in 1996 with the first game? How do we bring that up to date and bring that emotion back?” That question and the answer is what led us to make the gameplay system as you see in the demo.

Resident Evil 7 — Desolation

Thankfully we don’t have to wait too long to see if all of this will pay off in Resident Evil 7 as it is still slated for a January 24th 2017 release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. That is when we’ll be able to see if the new camera angle, found footage aspect, and VR components will actually pay off and bring the franchise back to the roots it started at or if it will be just another failed attempt; much like the attempt of going higher combat and QTEs in the franchise. All of which is something that won’t be in Resident Evil 7 as well so there is even more to be happy about here and look forward to. Now to go play the teaser/demo again just for fun.

Are you glad to see that Resident Evil 7 won’t be swapping out things for what happens to be popular now and forsake the franchise’s history? Are you happy that the QTEs and high action have been replaced for more horror and mystery? Do you think that the first person angle will pay off or will we need to get the third person action a go again? Let us know what you are thinking and discuss away in the comments below. For all things Resident Evil 7 be sure to keep your browser tuned into the site here. We’ll have more and we will bring it all right to you as it drops.

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