Resident Evil 7 Is Bringing Back The Same Old Way To Heal Yourself

Resident Evil 7 — Green Herb

It looks like Resident Evil 7 isn’t going to break the mold with healing items as Resident Evil 7 is getting the same old stuff we’ve had for decades

Time to mark our first bit of un-shocking news down for Resident Evil 7 as we have a look at the way we will heal ourselves in the game. Seeing as Capcom doesn’t usually look to break things that already work, it looks like Green Herbs and sprays are coming back to the franchise yet again. Well less of a spray but a drinkable looking bottle but I have a feeling they will all work the same when all is said and done. You know, because Resident Evil 7 wouldn’t be a Resident Evil title if it didn’t force us to use a green herb to take the pain away and make you feel better after being infected with whichever version of the virus we are going with here.

All of this came out of a recent Ambassador Program email that was sent out to all who had signed up already. Like I said, most of this is not too shocking or old hat. What is worth noting as many have would be the tease of the coin in the following image. This has led many to think that Resident Evil 7 will have a shopping system and this is just an indication. Although many others have pointed that it could just mean that micro-transactions are coming and we should be ready to fear those here. I’m guessing this will be revealed in due time but that is all that has popped up for that just for now.

Resident Evil 7 — Green Herb

Resident Evil 7 — Green Herb

While we all speculate and wait for more on Resident Evil 7, if you aren’t just waiting until January 24th to take it all in, we can have a look at people freaking out while play the game in PS VR. Of course these are all forced shots as I have yet to be filled with the same level of panic while giving the demo a play but having silent statues wearing the helmet are not as entertaining as people losing their shit over jump scares. Have a look or just go play the Resident Evil 7 demo for yourself. Of course that most likely won’t be in VR as of this post.

How un-shocked are you to see that Resident Evil 7 will be using the green herb system again? Do you think that the coin shows off an in-game currency system or will it be micro-transactions to our fear? Have you flipped out from the demo just yet or do you think the true terror will come in the full game? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For all things Resident Evil 7 be sure to keep your browser locked in here as we will keep bringing you everything big and small that comes out for the game. Hopefully a bigger dump of information will land soon.

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