Resident Evil 7 Asks You To Join The Family For Dinner

Resident Evil 7 — The Bakers

Two more screenshots for Resident Evil 7 have been released and it looks like we get a good look at Resident Evil 7’s main enemies so far

Since the first announcement for Resident Evil 7 was made we’ve had a few good looks at what looks to be the main bad guys of the game. Well at least two of the three that we’ve heard or read about from Capcom or the demo directly and the videos out of Gamescom. Well as TGS is coming up and they are ready to show off more for Resident Evil 7 out there but just before all of that we have a nice little sneak peek to entice us all. At least in terms of seeing the family in their natural habitat. At least if they weren’t always a murder family.

If you look a little bit below, we have two new images to share with you all for Resident Evil 7 sent to all of those ambassadors that they have. As teased so far, we have a new look at Jack, Marguerite, and possibly Lucas from the Baker family if the assumption is right. It looks like they have gathered for a nice family meal and it also looks like it could have been before they all went crazy. Maybe the new virus in Resident Evil 7 only drives the infected mad like the film The Crazies and doesn’t fully mutate them. That could explain how they made the switch up.

Also there is a look at a nice hole in the wall. Not some kind of restaurant or anything but a literal hole in the wall with a few other things in the mix. Not the most satisfying image for Resident Evil 7 but it is supposed to link into what Capcom will be releasing during the TGS here soon. Given that we’ve had one member of the family at each major gaming con so far it would make sense that the son be the next on the chopping block. So to say…

What do you think about the nice family photo here for Resident Evil 7? Do you think it makes sense that this be the mentioned son or is it someone else? Do you think that the plot here will revolve about finding out what made these people go from hillbilly to murder hillbilly? Let us know your thoughts and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Resident Evil 7 and all of the other little things, be sure to stay right here as we’ll keep bringing you everything that we can.

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