Ready For Wars?

Halo Wars Game Footage

So after seeing and hearing a bit about this at Comic Con 2008, I’ve been searching for anything more on this. Finally, there has been a video placed out with a little bit of everything in the game. A little FMV. A little Game Mechanics. A Little Game Play. And all of this makes it look a little interesting.

For the most part it looks like a different version of StarCraft or WarCraft. With just a Halo skin slapped over it. But then again, it is kind of hard to make an RTS that doesn’t resemble things like C&C or SC. What does look cool is how the buildings and units get brought into the game world. Not to mention the fact that you can call down an air strike or place the enemy in stasis to utterly destroy them. Really cool actually. Then there is the end of the video that has a nice little bonus for the die hard fans of the series.

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