RE: Spoilers

First 11 Minutes Of Resident Evil: Degeneration

So I am a sucker for seeing things to get myself pumped up for new films or games. Even if they spoil parts of the film. It’s just me. But below, IGN has released the first 11 minutes of the new CGI film for Resident Evil. The first one is just general back story and set up for the film, and the second clip is segregated for a good reason. It requires age verification to see. For good reason, at least to cover their asses. So if you want to take a peek, play through them. It is awesome. If not, I’ll have spoiler free stuff after the videos.

So watching it, I am totally pumped to see what they do with this film. Graphically it isn’t as beautiful as Advent Children, but it is much better than they could have done. This could also be because I didn’t get to watch the HD versions on an HD screen. But none the less, it looks great.

On top of that, it says it is based on the game genre, so outside of named characters and locations, it looks like it will either be an original continuation of the 3rd game or just all new stuff. But in either instance, their original content has always impressed me. I totally can’t wait for this to come to a PS3/BluRay near me.

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