Ratner Of War

Brett Ratner Signs On For God Of War Movie

Yesterday, it was announced that the man behind the last X-men movie and Rush Hour 3 has signed on to direct the God of War film. Now I know what you are thinking, “There goes another great game ruined by a film.” I know I thought it at first as well. Especially looking at the last films directed by the man. But then I started thinking further, a stretch I know, and came to another conclusion. It isn’t all just down to him.

There are no further details on any of the small details of the film, but these could also make or break the film. They need a good Kratos, not just someone that looks the part and can’t act worth a lick. They also need a good writer to bring the game over to a script. Shouldn’t be too hard since that is how the original and current game scripts where written. Lets hope they use those more than re-write. There are a load of other things, but I don’t need to rant on and on. Just mainly, even though he has produced some not so good stuff in the past, lets not sign off that this will be as well.

Good luck with this Brett. Don’t screw up the Hades part or I will hunt you down.

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