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Jack Thompson Disbarred

That’s right, one of the main thorns in the side of the video game community/industry has just been permanently disbarred as well as having to pay hefty fine by the Supreme Court of Florida. All of this for inappropriate conduct when filing his flagrant charges against Game, TV, and Music companies for their “Questionable” material in their formats. Some of these of course being against South Park and Grand Theft Auto.

Now, granted, he has 30 days to appeal this disbarment and such, but he still has the sanction of that he cannot submit this to the court himself. He still needs to get someone else in good standing to do this for him. So we’ll see if anyone else will step up for him or not, but I’m going to assume that isn’t going to happen. Seeing as this has been a shit storm for any and all that have gotten involved in the past. Only time will tell. But in the end, there is one fewer to attack the industry for no good reason. Hopefully in the future lawyers will actually try with good reasons and not just a way to make money.

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