’s Gaming Night Schwag Contest

After going to the various conventions and expos, we at realized that we have a lot of schwag we picked up.  The items include posters, toys, buttons, stickers, demos and more.  Instead of hording all of this for ourselves, we are giving back to you, the members of the site.  We had quite a few ideas of how to give this stuff away, some ridiculous, some too much of a pain in the arse to do.  We finally came up with the idea of combining the contest with our Gaming Nights. We will be covering the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC with different games and nights, and you can find all the gaming nights on the Gaming Calendar.  Don’t forget, each PWNED gaming night you have a chance to win 500 Pwned Points and other prizes in addition to this contest.

So how do you enter?  Simply participate in any of the gaming nights
for a chance to win, playing at least 30 min of the hour long night.
Win that gaming night and receive a second entry into the contest.

So come out and play with your fellow pwned members, make new friends, and WIN!


Xbox 360:

Call Of Duty 4 (09/06 & 09/27)

Gears Of War (09/13)

Halo 3 (09/20 & 09/28)



Call of Duty 4 (09/11 & 09/25)

Resistance (09/18)



Half Life 2: Death Match (Dates & Times To be Determined)

Team Fortress 2 (Dates & Times To be Determined)

Counter-Strike Source (Dates & Times To be Determined)


The Grand Prize Package (Pics Below):

Fallout 3 Poster
Left 4 Dead Poster
SOCOM Confrontation Poster
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Poster
Mirror’s Edge Mini-Poster Shirt (Your choice of S, M, L, XL)
Little Big Planet Promo Bag
Resistance 2 T-Shirt (XL Only)
Resistance 2 Promo Bag
Dark Sector Xbox 360 Faceplate
Facebreaker Demo Disc (XBox 360)
Penny Arcade: Precipice of Darkness Ep. 1 Demo Disc (PC)
Weapons of Matt Destruction Gloves (1 pair)
Pack Of Battle Forge Cards
Eye Of Judgement “Noram Zealot” Card
Various Buttons & Stickers
2,000 Pwned Points


**More Prizes Could be added at anytime**



Anyone caught cheating or glitching in any game will be banned from game nights, and will have their Pwned Points reset to zero.

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