& ECA Team Up

While this is old news we are happy to say has made it on
Yahoo Biz and we are all happy. While there is no specific paragraph
about who and what we are just the fact we are mention is icing on the

The depth and breadth of new coalition
partners and sponsors is truly impressive, said Hal Halpin, the associations president. In
just over a year we have solidified an amazing list of well-established
corporations, non-profits and entities that are not just seeing the
potential of the ECA, but doing everything in their power to support us
during our formative stages. That says quite a lot about them actually,
but it also speaks volumes about game consumers and the faith that these
organizations have in us collectively.

We at are
proud supporters of The Electronic Consumers Association (ECA) and
fellow advocates for consumer rights of interactive entertainment. We
are thankfull that the ECA lobbies legislators and oragnize national
grassroots initiatives to ensure the rights of computer and video game
consumers are protected .” Said Chris Leach, CEO of

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