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More Good Stuff For MGO

So it looks like my hopes for this are actually right for once. Here’s another video that shows that the debacle with Konami and getting this whole thing set up should be worth it all. The video here is actual game play from a bunch of people in Japan. I had no audio when watching it, but from descriptions of it, I can see it being just a bunch of Japanese yelling and gun shots. So go ahead and watch the video and I’ll continue below. Go ahead. I’ll wait….

So yea, it looks like it should be a bunch of fun. As long as you don’t just find the one guy that sits there while constantly getting sniped. That would be no fun right? But it does look like it should be good fun. Especially since it looks like you can fane death when the enemy is strolling by. That just means you need to put a round into anything that isn’t moving just as well. For safe measure of course. Here’s waiting to Friday now.

Oh, on another note, Konami has fixed the registration issues that they had at the beginning of this whole thing. Not perfect, but it is a bit better than what it was. So if you haven’t done the registration process yet for this, it should be a bit easier now. Link is below.

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