So we just back tonight after an extremely terrible flight situation, but we just got back not even an hour and half ago. In case none of you knew what went on this weekend, this was the weekend for the PWNED LAN Center opening in Rochester MN.

We had lots of fun, met alot of rad people and it turned out 10x better than I could of hoped for. With that said, I want to thank everyone who came out this weekend and help support the LAN center, and well turn life into a real life shoutbox (I’m sure you know what I mean hahaha). Anyway on to the good stuff. Below are some pictures that I pulled off my camera. There are other people who have more pictures and I will add them as I get them.


People in the pictures: Jerf, Derek, Jaimie, Andy, Chris, n0m4d, kash, Toby, Ben, Gary, and others. ( if i forgot you, im sorry let me know, travelled so much today 🙁 )

Special thanks to everyone who made a super long trip, such as Chris for driving from Chicago area to be there, Derek coming from St. Louis, Jerf and his crew driving 10+ hours to be there, and the person who made the biggest distance travel of all, Gary. Your british accent is just absolutely ridiculous.

Also, other special thanks to the jerks who woke me up 7:30 in the morning 🙁

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