Pwned Is Coming Out Of Beta January 1st

My fellow Pwned friends, it is official! is proud to announce that we are coming out of Beta this January 1st 2009. It’s been a very long first year for us, as we also celebrate our 1 year anniversary today. In that time, we have added many new features and improvements to Pwned, attended many expos and conferences, and reached over 10,000 members.

With us coming out of beta, members will now be allowed to redeem the Pwned Points they accumulate by using the site. On top of that, we will introduce a site redesign, along with many new features and imporvements. Those members who signed up with us during the Private beta, in December of 2007, will see their points doubled on January 1st as well.

We are thankful to all our members whom have helped to make the site it has become today. We hope you continue to support us and utilize the site to connect with other gamers as we march forward to make the premier gaming community on the internet. Below is our official press release. 🙂 is Coming Out of Beta is happy to announce that a little over a year after
launching, we will be officially out of beta. On January 1st 2009, we
will be taking the site down and putting up a production version. This
will include several new features and a completely redesigned site
Members will be able to redeem their points for prizes and site
features. Members who signed up during our private beta will have their
points doubled.

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Site Features
Game Reviews
Social Networking
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Launch Date: December 3rd, 2007

Pwned is composed of real gamers who just wanted to build a place for
everyone to enjoy and play games with others who play the same games.
While the gaming industry constantly grows larger everyday, we offer a
place for any type of gamer to connect and learn about the latest and
greatest as well as the classic and epic. With our various features of
interaction with other members, we are pioneers in connecting the
gaming community in one place. Members can earn Pwned Points through
various activities including viewing and interacting with user friends,
uploading pictures, rich media, posting game reviews and blogs,
participating in polls and creating clans. Pwned Points may be redeemed
for video game consoles, iPods, video games, etc..


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