PWN Wii Fit With This…

From Wii Fit To Wii Strip?

I saw this and almost died. First from laughing. Then from the possibilities it could have when I host gaming parties. Oh the possibilities. I know a lot of females that would be down for this without the game. This would just give me yet another reason to get them over. But enough of my musings about the fun that would ensue.

If you are still here and didn’t skip my ramblings just to check the link, I’ll give ya the short and dirty version. Well not so dirty. When the press was eating up the new Wii Fit balance board and game, a UK company that does temp. at home Stripper Poles for aerobic purposes got the bright idea for a similar product. I have no clue how the controls would even work for it. Believe me, I’ve thought about it. But I can see them pumping out a fully functional pole with the game they are developing. So we’ll see about this when it comes out. It is the best of two worlds. Am I right?

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