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For 7/10/2008

So there is a huge list of new things this week if you are a PS3 owner. And live in the US. I hate seeing that Europe gets screwed over almost every week when it comes time for new stuff. Makes me feel a little bad.

But if you guys over there are a little crafty and got a US account on your system, I totally say check out the Siren stuff. I have yet to download it, but from the videos I have seen online, it looks to be amazing. And then there are the new RHCP songs for Rock Band. Still no Rammstein, but hey, there is something new. Not to mention that Dead Space has yet another fun video up for our salivating pleasure. Now I just need the time and HD space for it all.

Oh, and Zombie fans, check out Quarantine. It looks awesome to me.

US Store


  • SIREN: Blood Curse Demo (free)
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Demo (free)
  • Monster Madness: Grave Danger Demo (free)
  • Wall-E Demo (free)


Game Videos

  • Super Stardust HD Add-On Trailer (free)
  • Elefunk Official Trailer (free)
  • SIREN: Blood Curse Story Trailer (free)
  • Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway Destructible Cover Gameplay (free)
  • Dead Space Dev Diary #1: Greenlight (free)
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution Launch Trailer (free)
  • SOCOM: Confrontation Assault Trailer (free)
  • Valkyria Chronicles Teaser Trailer (free)
  • Vampire Rain: Altered Species #1 (free)
  • Vampire Rain: Altered Species #2 (free)

Theatrical Trailers

  • Quarantine Trailer (free)

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EU Store


  • Top Spin 3 Demo (free)

Downloadable Games

  • echochrome (£6.99/€9.99)

PSP Games

  • echochrome (£4.99/€7.99)


  • High Velocity Bowling “Amber Yarhees” Character Pack (£0.69/€0.99)

Game Videos

  • echochrome Trailer (free)
  • Movement Episode 1, Part 2 (8 videos)
  • Kung Fu Panda Trailer (free)

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