Premature Game Betalation…

Metal Gear Online beta test schedule changed to April 14

I go away for a few days and the interwebs blow up on me and now I’m back logged. But that’s…ok… That just means I get to come back and bring some fun good news with me. Like say for instance, the previously announced Metal Gear Online beta test is now scheduled for a week earlier. Awesome right? So now it will be out come the 14th of April now instead of the 21st. With the game still dropping on June 12th. That may be a ways away, but that just means more time to be in the beta. Good news indeed.

How do you get into this beta? My psychic powers are still working. I know you thought it. You just need to pre-order MGS4. When you pre-order, it gives you a ticket with a code on it so you can access the beta. This should all become available within the next few weeks. Definitely by April so you can take full advantage of the beta and know you will have this insanely large game as well.

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