Playstation Store accounts may have been hacked

Sony has released a statement on the US Playstation website stating that there is a “possibility” that there has been unauthorized access to personal information in the Playstat store through the PC. The Playstation Store seems to have been hacked to allow them to view personal information and/or use the wallet.

Which means I need to check my PSN to see if I’ve been charged for a few games. Here is Sony’s statement:

“We have found out that there has been a possibility of unauthorized access to personal information on the PLAYSTATION?Store through PCs, a content download service of the PLAYSTATION?Network. Although unlikely, it is possible that the passwords of a small percentage of PLAYSTATION Network users may have been changed through unauthorized access, making it possible to view users’ personal information and/or use the Wallet for the PLAYSTATION Store. PLAYSTATION Network accounts do not display entire credit card numbers.

We have taken immediate measures to rectify this issue and system security is restored.

We have investigated the extent of unauthorized access and possible alteration of passwords that could have occurred before corrective measures were taken, and are directly contacting customers who may have been affected by this incident. In order to verify that your account is intact, we strongly suggest that PLAYSTATION Network users sign in to the service. If you can successfully sign in with your pre-set password, your account is not affected by this incident.

For additional information and immediate 24 hour online support, click here for the PlayStation Knowledge Center.”

So make sure you sign in with your pre-set password. That will let you know if you have been affected or not. If you have, you can call the 24 hour online support here by email form. Not a quick way to get this resolved, but it looks like Sony is aware and will be trying to fix any hacked accounts.

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