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All The Videos I Could Round Up For Ya

There was a lot going on with E3 yesterday. Way more than I had a chance to keep up with. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is a long list of games and other videos that cam out of the E3 show yesterday. Some of them happened during the press conferences I posted yesterday for Sony and Nintendo, but I just couldn’t find ya the videos online. But what’s a day late right?


It’s short and sweet, but from the looks of it, it looks absolutely beautiful. A long way from the original that started the FPS genre. This might strongly rekindle my love for the FPS games. Ah nostalgia…

I Am Alive

Ok, so I’m still trying to figure out what exactly the game is about other than being a survival horror where people chase you down with fucking Katanas for a bottle of water. It has a lot of feel like Cloverfield to me just from watching the trailer, but I loved that film. I guess Ubisoft will give out more as the time leading up to it’s Spring of 2009 release. It looks like it could be a very interesting game.

Killzone II

Wow! Just wow. This looks absolutely gorgeous. Hopefully it isn’t a speed up video like last time. But still for being the pre-alpha code of the game, it still looks like it plays pretty smooth. I love the lighting effects that happen as well. The glare seems almost perfect.

Loco Roco 2

This is a guilty pleasure of mine. My ex bought the first while I was sitting in line for my PS3 and I was addicted to it from then on. Even though the video doesn’t show much of the new game, I am still psyched to see what they added and changed for the game.

Patapon 2

I’ve never played the first one of this series, but it looks like it could be much like the above Loco Roco. A guilty pleasure in my world of Resident Evil and Metal Gear. Also like the above Loco Roco, it isn’t much of a video, but I figured people might want to see.

Wario Land: Shake It!

The Side Scroller is back! At first, it looked like it was a cartoon or something, but then the game play kicks in and it is very reminiscent of Super Mario on the SNES. Ah the memories. It also looks to have added a bit of the Wii motion into the game as well. Good hybrid of classic and new age if you ask me.


So I posted the first walk through of the game where Sony used the game to show off their presentation and stats. This one actually shows what users can make in the game as far as levels and bosses. After watching it, I see it as RPG Maker but only for platform gaming. Think about it. Level Designers Unite!


There are showing of Washington DC as a new environment that you can alter and use to attack the enemies of the game. It looks like a pretty unique version of a 3rd person shooter genre. You get to alter the world to help you as one of the abilities of the game. Ah, the possibilities.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Holy Fuck! I didn’t know Steinberg was a jedi name. I kid. But dear gods this looks to be amazing. Just a small boss fight like this makes this game look cooler and cooler by the day. September 16th is way too far away now.

Mega Man 9

Ah, back to the roots of the game. I loved the classic fell over the new 3D versions of the game. That crazy Dr. Wily. Hopefully I’ll be able to Download this game soon. I love going back to the classics sometimes. It reminds me of where we once were. /starry eyes

Darksiders: Wrath of War

Now this game looks to be a huge hit. Granted this is just the rendered cut scene from the game, but still. It looks like these demons or what ever crash into earth and something that looks like the main character from the Witcher is here to put them back down. Looks bad ass.

Resident Evil 5

Yes, you’ve seen parts of this before, but here’s a fight with the chainsaw guy. I always hated these fights. For the sheer reason of what happens at the end of this clip. Why must Capcom tease for so long?

Here’s a demo made for E3. Hopefully they will have it at Comic Con as well and I can give you my own impressions from playing.

Guitar Hero World Tour

For you GH fans, here is what it will look like when you and your buddies play the game. Enjoy. I’m keeping my comments to myself on this one.

Massive Action Game

This was shown at the Sony conference, but I just now got the video for the game. Looks to be like another Counter Strike type game. Or at least I think. It is all pre-rendered graphics of the game, but it was toting a 256 online game at the conference. We’ll just have to wait for more than just the trailer to find out more.

Spore (iPhone)

Because playing it on the PC just isn’t enough for us I guess. Here is how it will look on your new handy dandy iPhone. Not too bad for a cell phone game now.

Resistance Retribution

Want to play your Resistance on the PSP. Well, here you go. They have branched the game out to this platform to continue the story in another game. It will be out after Resistance II hits, so I’m not sure if it will be a sequel or a side story. But here ya go.

Street Fighter IV

Here is some actual game play of the new game that I scrounged up for your viewing pleasure. It looks just as I expected it too. I will get a hands on with this game soon, so I will let you know more when that happens.

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