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So I was trolling along the interwebs today. After reading more about the a$$ clowns that beat the girl over MySpace sh*t. I’m thinking about the world and where we are headed. Then I see the above poll results from, then I realized that we truly are into the downward spiral. Look at the stats and then continue down with me to the next paragraph.

Ok, so on the offence meter, the violent one is near the bottom of the list. 3rd out of the 4 choices. 3rd! Seeing someone get their head cut off doesn’t offend people as much as two people creating life, or at least going through the actions that would. Life offends! Life. Not Death, but life. The next above that, two guys kissing. Two men doing an act that is just questionable. Not cutting someone’s f*cking head off. I personally would rather sit through watching 2 dudes make out than to watch someone’s head get cut off. What the F*ck is wrong with the world where that is the f*cking spread. Hooray for the environment where people would rather see death than to watch porn.

Here’s why I think this is. Humans are not teaching each other how horrible violence is. There is no one to blame but society, parents, teachers and well pretty much the human race in general. Violence is become an everyday thing. Not because it is being reinforced by violent games or movies, but because people are not seeing it for the horrors that it is. Ignorance to the consequences of violence seems to be the new trend in the world. We need another vietnam to thin out our ranks again. Or maybe a good plague.

On another note, looks like I will be censoring my words less now that it seems ok to say fuck a billion times. Since it is even less offensive than cutting off fucking heads.

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