Paragon’s Next Hero Is About To Join The Fight To Die

Paragon — Greystone

The next hero to join Paragon is Greystone and we get to see him fight and die in Paragon only to come back and save the day

The next and newest hero to come to Paragon has just been shown off and slated to come with the July 12th update for the game. I’ve said it before but it looks like Epic Games is really keeping to their schedule and now we have so many more characters on the list since the initial five we were shown back during the announcement of the game. I am curious when it will stop but for now we get to see Paragon‘s Greystone who is joining the fight on the battle field. Not only that but bringing something we’ve yet to see in the game.

Greystone looks like a typical hack-n-slash fighter who is just going to run into the mix and mess everyone on the other side right up. That is just how he looks to roll here in the trailer. What he can also do is turn to stone when he is brought down to zero health. After doing so he can explode out of said stone and get right back into the fight with a fraction of his health and mana in tow. I’m going to guess this can also only be done once per full respawn or it could get unbalanced a bit for me but we won’t fully know until he hits Paragon here.

Paragon — Greystone

Greystone is that he is a fighter who thrives in team fights and excels on the front lines. Using “Assault the Gates” to close the gap on high-priority targets, Greystone then activates “Make Way” dealing damage in an area around him. He doesn’t mind taking a few blows since his “Stoic” ability grants him passive bonus resistances.

When Greystone’s opponents think they’ve bested him, he turns to stone and is respawned through his ultimate ability, “Reforged.” With his spirit crashing down from above, Greystone returns from the dead with a portion of his HP and full Mana while damaging and knocking up enemies around him.

Paragon is currently in early access until it finally launches as a free-to-play title out there. You can pick up the founder’s pack and gain access to the game right now or if you have a PlayStation Plus account you can get it all for free right now. At least until the end of July that is. Then it is back to paid access until the game fully launches for free. It sounds weird but it makes sense for a good portion of us out there.

What do you think about the new hero for Paragon here? Do you think that he will only be able to use the Reforged ability once per cycle or as many times as Mana will allow? Do you think that other players will take advantage of knowing he will come back to their advantage to gain more kills? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For all things Paragon be sure to keep your attentions right here as we will keep bringing it all to you as it comes out.

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