Paragon Gets Into The Spirit With Shadow’s Eve Skins

Paragon — Shadow's Eve

The Halloween festivities kick off for Paragon as new skins will be available for Paragon just in time for the upcoming holiday

As is the case everywhere this time of year, Paragon is joining in the Halloween fun by giving us a set of new skins to play in the game. Seven new skins to be exact and for seven of the heroes already crafted for the game by Epic Games already. It looks like we are going to see a whole new side to Paragon here; at least if you are willing to pay and/or play the hell out of the game over the next few weeks. Yes, there are a few catches here to be able to get the skins for free but that is just how life always seems now doesn’t it?

First and foremost, Paragon will be giving us all one free skin to keep forever. All you have to do is link your account to you Twitch account and you get the Dock-o-Lantern Murdock skin for free. Of course you also get this skin without linking up to Twitch but it will go away after November 6th. It’s really not that hard to get everything linked so count that as one of the easy free ones that you can have for Paragon. No tricks for this treat it would seem so there you go.

Now for the other six skins you will have a few ways to pick them up between October 11th and November 6th. The first way will be to wait until October 26th and then you can just buy all of them and still have time to play Paragon with your Halloween skins all active. Nice, easy, and only for those who want to spend cold hard cash to have some alterations to their appearance in the game. Some of you like that path and I’m not going to knock you for it. You’ll just have to stay patient until near the end of the month to gain access.

For the more frugal and lucky though, it looks like we will be able to “win” these skins during different points in the month just by playing and streaming Paragon or by watching the people over at Epic Games stream the game online. During the next two weeks at different times you may be selected to win one of the skins and add them to your ranks. You just have to play or watch and have an active Twitch account for them to message. There is just no guarantee that you will get any of them as there is no word on how many they will be giving out over the course of the listed dates.

Paragon — Shadow’s Eve

As the stars descend the Agoran sky and their power takes its leave, spirits gather beyond the veil and wait for Shadow’s Eve.

Week 1 Skin Drops (October 11-17)

  • Sweet Dreams Khaimera
  • Feline Queen Sparrow
  • Mephisto Gideon

Week 2 Skin Drops (October 18-24)

  • Skull-Bot Twinblast
  • Spider Witch Belica
  • Franken-Grux

There is a third option kind of here for those who want the full Paragon experience for Halloween though. As it turns out, they have set up a bundle deal that will stay dynamic for you if you so choose to spend cash in the end. That is, if you win some of the skins over the next two weeks but also want to have them all then you can pay the difference for the skins you don’t get and then they will be yours. Presumably for the whole year like the Dock-o-Lantern Murdock skin but there has not been anything expressly saying that. I’m going to assume that is the case if they are taking real money for the skins. Why would they lock you out if you paid?

What do you think about the new skins coming to Paragon for Halloween? Which one do you think looks the coolest and the lamest? Will you be paying outright for them all or will you just run your luck and be hopeful? Let us know down in the comments and discuss. For more on Paragon as it comes you’ll want to be right here. I’m going to guess that this will be a MOBA running for a long time and there will be a whole lot of updates you won’t want to miss out on.

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