Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad Hacking Sexily Onto 360

As a fan of Japanese import titles, it’s was a big surprise to find out one of my favorite budget title series was headed to the Xbox 360.  D3Publisher (Dark Sector) has announced Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad for the 360 without an official release date. You will take controls of the sexy sword swigning sisters Aya and Saki, as you take on zombie hordes in order to save the world.  The game title is not misleading in the least, as you will be in control of Aya who has basically a bikini, hat and boots on as she fights, while her sister Saki is in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform.

There will be multiple game modes to let you immerse yourself in the experience of Onechanbara, to include Story, Free Play, Survival, Quest and more.  Each characater will have a variety of combat moves, weapons and throws, and can even use  Rage Mode attacks when things get a bit overwhelming. Don’t wanna play alone, then invite a friend along to join in the quest to save the world in Co-Op mode and combine your attacks and techniques.  There will also be an exclusive Dress-Up mode for those that enjoy having full reign of customization in what the characters will wear, personalizing their characters with their own unique touch.


Screen Shots from the Onechanbara Official Site:


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