No PC or Console Gaming While Drunk Bill

A new bill to hit the floor of congress, if passed, could mean that you can be arrested for drinking too much while playing Consoles or PC Games. The main concern is that the FBI is going to use the bill to tap the phone lines of anyone who “uses or abuses alcohol” while accessing the internet. With the recent claims that video games cause violence they decided to use this an another way to label the bill. Congress apparently thinks being drunk on a highway is bad no matter what kind of highway it is. I understand drinking has always been an issue and the appeal to stop people who sit at home and drink and get perverted or crazy, but to add the video game part to this is just freaking silly.

While I do not drink, I find this bill, if passed, to be silly. If I can’t drink in my car or my home, what’s next? I will be sure to keep my eye on this bill to update any of you who might want to follow this.

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