New TF2 achievements – Fair or Foe?

With the upgrades to Medic and the introduction to the new achievement
system in TF2 – The Medic has been the first class to receive the honor
of earning achievements and upgrades. However, have the developers
given the medic too much power? If you’ve been playing some TF2 lately,
odds are you’ve noticed an increase in the amount of medics playing,
players uber-charged and people just not dying. Although the new
upgrades have helped to turn the game play up a notch – I’ve began to
notice that like with many games, players have found a loop hole in the
system and it seems practically impossibly to kill a freaking medic!

 Double Uber – when two medic uber-charge themselves – is by far one of
the most frustrating things I’ve come to witness. I’ve seen 2 medics
take out the entire team, 3 sentry’s, 2 disposals, entry and exit
portals and then even more team mates before finally capturing the base
and still being uber-charged. I mean, how do you defeat that?

SIMPLE – You spam the crap out of them. Multiple Sentrys and Multiple
team members really help. Attacking them with weapons that do critical
hit more than once will help bring them out of uber long enough to do
some serious damage. Teamwork is the key here – and although most of
you realize that, it seems this new achievement has turned into a
distraction from actually winning the game.

For those of you confused on what I mean by new achievments and upgrades, check out this link for more info.

Now, there is a rumor that Valve will be tweaking the upgrade some and
hopefully this is true. Because after all the crazy and quite
frustrating games I’ve played in the last week, I can only hope for
some salvation from the monstrous situation this new upgrade has

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