New Study PWN Myth About Violence

Kids Who Don’t Play Video Games Are At Risk

Ok, so I know this is always a hot topic for all gamers and the community. Hence why I am posting about this. It’s actually a good point in our court. It is a study that has been going on to show that not playing games can contribute to violent and negative behavior. I know right. Sounds a little out there, but these two researchers have spent years looking at the lesser headline grabber than the norm. But the one thing they have that helps them with this point, is that have also found the link that is more popular to go with in the same study. You know the one where playing violent games makes you violent.

Bellow is an interview with the two authors of the new book that was written about the study. Grand Theft Childhood is the name if you were curious but didn’t want to watch the 6 minute interview. Going through what I could online mixed with the interview, apparently the kids that play no games and are still violent tend to be in the male half of the study. Not saying it wasn’t in females, but it was primarily the male side. Kind of interesting to see that males who don’t play have problems with social competence. At least as they put it. It kind of makes sense to me.

Also for those curious, they actually research children and their parents instead of your average college student. Good to see that they are willing to point out what most other reports bury in the bottom of the findings. Another interesting things is to hear about how some of the overblown stuff of the Virginia Tech Student and his gaming habits. Like for instance he didn’t play any after an early age and that was Sonic. So see…Sonic leads to mass murder. πŸ™‚ I know it’s nothing to make light of, but think about how the media has done so before I even tackled it.

So I’m kind of curious on what you all think about this. So please watch the video and comment and discuss. Really interested. Hades Out!

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