New Rock Band DLC

Turns out Harmonix is giving us Nine new songs before the week is out.

There are various singles from various bands (Unfortunatly Two are from the Nickelodeon band The Naked Brothers). These songs apparentley cast a wide net over different ages, genres, language, demographic and pricing structure. Along with the obligatory “paid for” tracks from aritsts like Children of Bodom, Finley,Platero y Tu, Squeeze, Tokio Hotel and the All-American Rejects there is a free track from Miranda Cosgrove called “Headphones On”.

These songs will be available for 89 Microsoft points or USD$0.99 on the PlayStation Network for one month. All will be made available on the Xbox Live marketplace on the Second of December and on the Playstation network two days later. See below for a full track list

  • All-American Rejects, the – “Real World” – Prices above
  • Children of Bodom – “Are you dead yet” – Prices above
  • Finley – “Tutto E’ Possible” – Prices above
  • Miranda Cosgrove – “Headphones on” – Perma free
  • Naked Brothers Band – “Body I occupy” – 89 MSP/USD 0.99 permanentley
  • Naked Brothers band – “I don’t want to go to school” – 89 MSP/USD 0.99 permanentley
  • Platero y Tu – “Hay Poco Rock N Roll” – Prices above
  • Squeeze – “Tempted” – Prices above
  • Tokio Hotel – “Ready, Set, Go” – Prices above
To be honest I want them to release some Slipknot…A lot of Slipknot… And Rammstein. Can’t forget the Rammstein.







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