New Details For Little Nightmares Have Sprung Up To Fuel Our Dreams

Little Nightmares — Trailer

New gameplay details for Little Nightmares have popped up as well as a little bit on what is going on in Little Nightmares’ story

If you were paying close attention back at Gamescom you would have heard about Little Nightmares getting a nice little tease and announcement. This would be a new 3D platforming title from Tarsier Studios that looks like something inspired by the dreams of Tim Burton. Of course there is a lot more going on with Little Nightmares than just that but for the first trailer that Bandai Namco brought us for the game that is all we had to see. Now that some time has passed though, it looks like the development team is ready to get into a few more of the details of the game than before.

Little Nightmares isn’t just a weird world for us to run and jump through but it is their take on the weirdness and horrors that a child could go through in general if they were taken to a place that are not at home with. Or something like that. That is what the feel of The Maw is and this is where we will be joining 6 through her journey in the game. That would be the yellow raincoat wearing character you can see jumping and swinging in the following trailer for the game. But of course this wouldn’t be a new feeling game if it wasn’t for something special about 6 here.

The special thing about her in the game is that she has the powers of a normal kid in a horror or terror filled area; she can hide and sneak. It looks like Little Nightmares is going to have a lot of that at the core of the game as 6 will not have weapons or combat abilities and will have to rely on just not being seen or heard in the game. Like a good little kid? Or more like any good kind of stealth game that Little Nightmares seems to be more like with a 3D Platforming aspect to get around the game’s world. It does seem all over the place when I word it that way now doesn’t it?

Little Nightmares — Trailer

So let me tell you a bit more about Little Nightmares. It takes place somewhere we’ve called The Maw, which began life as a dark twinkle in our eye, a strange kind of dollhouse where your most primal fears are brought to life and twisted by the minds of our Art Department!

The Maw is a place of extremes. The idea is that it should encapsulate this surreal experience that kids have growing up. Where you can go from playing happily one minute, to being terrified the next. Of course, we’ve exaggerated things somewhat too, which is as much a part of being a kid as anything else!

Into this lovely, fuzzy wonderland we’ve dropped our main character, Six. She’s not special in the way we’re all used to. We wanted to have a character that we could identify with, who didn’t have a huge shotgun hidden beneath that yellow raincoat! The whole point is, she’s just a normal kid stuck in the worst place you can imagine and you want to get her out. You do this by doing what kids are best at — hiding, sneaking, and seeing things differently than grown-ups.

It’s pretty tough to describe the feeling of playing the game, because it’s a mix of all sorts of different things. We wanted to try and get across this idea of childhood and how it feels to grow up in a world that was made for other people. If we’ve done our job well, you’ll be spending as much time happily climbing around and solving puzzles, as well as being scared out of your wits by The Chef and his lovely chums!

What do you think about Little Nightmares here now that we have new details? Does it look like it will have a truly darker story then what we see and know on the surface or will it be like other games in the same genre? Do you think that not having any defensive abilities at all will make the game harder or more fun? Let us know what you are thinking and dreaming down in the comments and discuss. For more on Little Nightmares as it pours out there, be sure to stay here as we’ll keep the updates coming for you.

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