Nerd Up Your Cellphone!

Maybe not quite a news article, but I recently got my new motorola razr and instantly knew what I wanted to do: nerdy themes. But I couldn’t pick just one aspect of nerdom to apply to my phone! So, I made a few different themes and thought I’d share them with the community to use as well. I have no idea how to package themes for download, so below are the images I made/resized for wallpaper and screensaver usage and the links to free mp3 shorts that can be used as ringtones. Enjoy!

ps the images are big, this is so it will hopefully fit most screens, my moto razr has a pretty large screen itsself.


I consider myself to be a huge mario fan (would have to be, to get a mushroom tattooed on my ass, wouldn’t I????) So below is what I am currently using: A pic of a more HD view of the mushroom kingdom and a midi file of the original NES music.


music found here: (right click the link and save as)






aka, one of the best games in the whole world. evar. period. To much of my delight, I not only found some music, but ALL OF THE MUSIC from the game, for free, and they can be used as ringtones. Personally, I use the “windmill hut theme” music mp3 on the page.




music found here: (opens a page with music listed)





Yeah, nerdy. Below is a stormtrooper paired with the theme music.




music found here: (right click save as)






Be sure to be on the lookout for more themes, as I plan on doing some Metroid, pokemon, yoshi, etc etc themes as well!!



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