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Rock Band II: Exclusive E3 2008 Gameplay Reveal

To be honest, this clip isn’t anything to write home to mom about. It looks almost totally the same, gameplay and graphics wise. But then again, it is more or less just a etase for the game anyways. There are a couple of new looking visual effects that happen in the background, but when you are playing, you are not looking at those anyways. But here’s the video “for those of you who are into those kinds of things”. To quote a great TV show.

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“Madden Football” marks 20 years with new offerings

So we all know that EA and MTV have their paws all over Harmonix. Thus in turn, Rock Band as well. We also, or most likely know, that Madden Football has hit the 20 year mark as well as pumped out a soundtrack CD for the game series. Well it has been reported that these songs will be swinging onto Rock Band as DLC in the near future. It won’t be an Album download for the game, but the songs will be released as the usual DLC is.

I was kind of hoping for an album type set up for this. It really isn’t anything special for the 20 year thing. I mean, they have liscences to the songs for the other game, so it was safe to assume that it would only be a matter of time before they swung onto their music game. I mean, the Disturbed and Offspring songs are already out. Wish they wouldn’t make big news out of something that isn’t all that big. Here’s the list below. With links.

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First Look At Rock Band 2’s Premium Drum Kit

So this set looks really cool. Really really cool. I mean, it is a real synth-drum set. Hell they have said it can be used like this when they first announced it. I just await all the GHIV fan boys/girls to say, well Activision did it first. I won’t dispute that they placed the images out their first. But the one thing that this setup has that I have yet to hear about is the fact that it can be used with a computer to produce your own music.

But here’s the one down side to it. It does cost as much as a good synth-drum kit. $300 fucking dollars just for the drums. It’s a good thing that the new game will still use the old set as well. I wish I was rich enough to drop $350 or so for the new game and drum kit, but I’d rather spend it else where. I feel bad for the European RB fans. I can only immagine how much this will be marked up over there.

Here’s the image.

Ion Drums
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