More Peripherals Than You Can Shake A Drum Stick At

Mad Catz Rock Band Instruments Releasing Next Week

I found this while surfing around for news on one of my favorite games. I’m not going to go all fan boy on the RB vs. GH thing. Honestly I don’t care that much about fanboyism to do so. But I digress.

Looks like there are some new official controllers coming out, some of which with things I wish would have been included in the first place. Let me list them with pictures below.

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Mad Catz Dual-Strummer

Mad Catz Dual-Strummer

Release: XBox – 6/22, PS3 – 7/15, Wii – 8/1

Price: $69.99

  • Licensed Fender Precision bass styling
  • Comfortable thumb rest
  • Custom finishes for enhanced realism
  • Whammy effect via volume knob
  • Split strum bar for fast finger action
  • Oversized tuning keys
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Wired USB connectivity

Honestly, it doesn’t sound like much more than a different look to the original guitars that come with the Rock Band. But the split strum makes me think that completing Evile – Thrasher on expert could become an actual fact. At least with getting 100%.

Wired Microphone Controllers

Wired Microphone Controllers

Release: XBox – Now, PS3 – 7/15, Wii – TBA

Price: $59.99

  • Built-in controller – easy navigation through all in game menus
  • High quality soft-touch finish
  • High profile pop / wind screen
  • Convenient lock/unlock button
  • Wired USB connection

Now this one I am really stoked about. I hate having to use the controller and then to the mic. It’s a little nit picky, but I was hoping that they would have done something like this from the get go. This is phenomenal. Just need to get one for the PS3 now.

Telecaster Wired Guitar

Telecaster Wired Guitar

Release: XBox – TBA, PS3 – TBA, Wii – TBA

Price: $79.99

  • Licensed Fender Telecaster styling
  • Perfectly scaled with high detail
  • Built for speed – new, improved strum bar and quick response fret buttons
  • Programmable strum
  • Telecaster Bridge Plate used for Whammy
  • Smooth Hot-Rod Red finish

Much like the other one in my opinion. The only thing that gets me is the Programmable Strum. Look for more YouTube videos that are cheated to show off the skillz people wish they have.

Portable Drum Kit

Portable Drum Kit

Release: XBox – 7/15, PS3 – 8/15, Wii – 8/15

Price: $49.99

This is exactly the same thing as the drum kit you get now. Except for the fact that you can pack it up by rolling it into a nice tube. Functionality is the same. Just remove the hard plastic and metal from the current drum kit and you have this. Not a horrible idea if I do say so.

Premium Wired Drums

Premium Wired Drums

Release: XBox – 8/1, PS3 – 8/1, Wii – 8/15

Price: $149.99

  • Based on authentic electronic drum kits
  • Added high hat (with foot pedal)
  • Crash cymbal
  • Fully adjustable drum heads (includes two axis motion and can be repositioned)

All I can say is WOW. This looks like it would totally change the way you play the game. It has a high price, but if Mad Catz doesn’t get screwed by Harmonix or Activision, it could be worth it to have for both the New Guitar Hero as well as Rock Band. If it just wasn’t so friggin pricey.

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