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BioShock 2 trailer released, platforms confirmed

As posted on here earlier, there is going to be BioShock 2. In fact there was a shaky cam view of the video posted before. But there were no details about the game at all. Well 2K has finally come clean and informed the world of what is going on.

It is a real teaser for the new game. But they also let it be known that there will not be such a great delay in platforms that it will be coming out on. What does that mean? It will be out for the XBox, PC and PS3 all within the same time frame. Not saying that they will be out on different days or months separated, but BS2 is being originally planned to release on all the systems. We’ll have to see if the same thing that happened with RB2 is going to happen here or not. But at least that won’t mean a long wait if that happens.

Also, I am posting the high definition version of the teaser below. 2K just released it to game video sites as well as the official BS2 site. Enjoy.

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