Momma I’m Coming Home…

Momma I'm Coming Home...

Viacom withdraws ‘Guitar’ suit

Just goes to show you that when things look down, something good comes along to pick ya back up. And for any PS3 owner, here is a good one for ya. It looks that Sony is sending out e-mails to people who have registered their unit (Heh, I said unit.), that they can register in for the open beta for their new social network Home. So far, this e-mail has only been seen by members of the Official European PlayStation Forums. The report makes it seem like there is more than just one person stating this, at least out of Europe. Still only one word from any one in the US as of late. So still no solid word for us North Americans. But it should be right around the corner if this isn’t some elaborate hoax.

Now what might this e-mail say? Glad you asked and I can read minds through the interwebs. Basically it comes from the standard PS e-mail address and it says that you need to link you PSN Account and ID to their database by March 16th. I’d assume that is only for the European invites for now. All I can say for everyone else is to keep a good eye out and check your spam folders as well so you don’t miss this opportunity. If any of you get this e-mail or in, pass it on so we can harp you for information on this thing.

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