Missbimbo.com: A site for young girls?



As a young woman trying to make it in a mostly male dominated field, it sometimes hurts to see a game that is teaching little girls the wrong thing. A new site has been brought to my attention and I am utterly disgusted. Missbimbo.com is a dress up doll website where young girls and boys of any age are given their own semi naked girl to raise her to be the biggest bimbo.

This Internet craze is all the rage in Europe. This site launched only one month ago and already has 200,000 British players, most of them young girls. Although this is an obvious poke at the latest “famous without doing anything” craze in America, letting young girls actually learn how to be a “bimbo” is immorlalizing.
To be fair, I tried out this game myself. I started out with a 5’6, 127lb young woman who I could dress up. Not too bad, until I started shopping and noticing things on the market like diet pills, plastic surgery, and lingerie were the hot things to buy.

Soon I was running out of virtual bimbo money to keep up with my “bimbo goals” and realized that the only way to get more virtual money was transfer real money from my Paypal into the site so I could have bimbo money again. The whole point is to be most beautiful, skankiest, famous girl with the most virtual money, so how many parents are pouring hard earned cash into teaching their children on how to be bimbos?

The mini games were even disgusting. One for example, had you go to a club and French kiss as many guys as you can. How is this having an impact on kids? Obviously they might start thinking this is what “grown-ups” do. They already see enough of this trash on television, why let them see around your child blocks on the Internet by becoming what you always have tried to block?

This is defiantly not a site I would let my children or any child I know go to. A site where skanky rules all and beauty contests are important. Girls at such a young age are learning from what other women do, and watching a virtual “popular” girl eat diet pills might give some girls as young as 8 or 9 the wrong impression. They at least need a 13 or older age limit. What ever happened to Neopets?


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