Mirror’s Edge: a PS3 timed exclusive?

During the Games Conference in Leipzig, Heise.de, a German tech site, quoted SCEE president: David Reeves while discussing th future of Mirror’s Edge. In the quote he claims that Mirror’s Edge will be a timed PS3 exclusive, similar to the way RockBand 2 is being released for the Xbox 360. This of course would go against all of EA’s past trends of releasing everything at once on every possible console.

“We are continuously, month after month publishing new titles that bring something unique and target different groups. In a month it’s Gran Turismo, in the next SingStar, and Third-Party Title’s such as EA’s Mirror’s Edge are all part of the strategy.”

This would be seen as a win for Team Sony, however it looks like this just may be a case of miscommunication. It seems EA has also been quoted denying all possible PS3 rumors:

“Mirror’s Edge will be shipping this winter on PS3, XBOX360 and PC. Mirror’s Edge will not be a timed exclusive for PS3.”

EA quote via buttonmasher.com.

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