Metal Gear Mania

Metal Gear Mania

The Metal Gear Craze Is Going On

Konami seems to be revving up the hype for this game much like Rock star did for the latest GTA. Trailers and ads galore. Some of which kind of cool.

This first little set of videos is a bunch of ads. Everything from, what I assume is, an energy drink ad all the way to a trailer complete with the guy who has been smoking way too many cigarettes doing a voice over. That would be the first one. It was awesome. Not to sure what the other two are really doing other than showing a bit of the game and a cat and a cell phone. Maybe, you’ll love this game so much you will ignore your pets and friends for it. That is my best guess. What do you think?

The below is the intro to the game. Or so the Game Videos site says. I’m sure that most of you have already seen this, but I figured I’d hit it up here and let those who haven’t check it out. It looks like it will start out knee deep in action.

Finally, there was a joke abound on the interwebs between Ubisoft and the MGS creator. Essentially Snake dressed up like our favorite assassin. Well, it was released that it was not just a joke, but an unlockabe costume for the game. I’m guessing by doing some crazy mission and event stuff that will break your fingers a few time. But here’s a semi-image of it.



A little bit after I the above, they released the first 13 minutes or so of gameplay. It is all in Japanese, so you don’t really get to hear what is being said, unless you know the language, but it has some pretty cool sequences. It is a spoiler for the game in general. So if you don’t want to know what goes on in that first part, ignore the video. Just thought I’d update with it.

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