Mafia 3’s City Has Just As Much Life To It As The Characters We’ll Play

Mafia 3 — Bringing A City To Life

Another Mafia 3 developer diary of sort has been released showing us just how Mafia 3’s city has been brought to life

We here it almost in every open world style of video game and it looks like Mafia 3 is joining the ranks of stating that the game’s world is a living and breathing character of its own. It is not to shocking to me that Hangar 13 would make the same claims that we hear all the time as they have been working hard to make sure their version of New Orleans feels as authentic as it can for us. We all do demand that Mafia 3 feel as authentic as all of the other games and since they’ve done it with the music and culture it makes sense to do it with the city. Of course we have to wait until October 7th to be the real judge but we can see a bit more now.

Well at least we can see a little more as we have a new developer diary for Mafia 3 where the crew talks about the city we will be driving around and cause a muck in. As it turns out it looks like the city is broken up into nine distinct districts with each of them having their own look and feel. From the slums that Clay was raised in to the iconic French quarter that anyone who has been to Disneyland, or the actual location, will recognize instantly. If not then a quick Google search will show you just what I am talking about here. Or you can watch the following video and get a feel.

Mafia 3 — Bringing A City To Life

It is interesting here that Hangar 13 focuses more on Mafia 3‘s world than the other aspect of the game that was passed over here. The fact that there will be nine distinct districts with each of them being run by a different splinter of another mob organization reads to me like there will be nine boss fights of sorts. Each of which being the lower lieutenants of the true crime boss that Clay is hunting down in the end. So along with the areas and worlds it looks like each will also have their own criminal ecology to be dealt with as well. That to me is a bit more interesting.

Of course we won’t hear more about that until the huge reveal here in a few weeks at E3 as there is already a huge live steam planned as well as things to show off for Mafia 3 on the show floor. At least it makes sense that there would be that whole set up given the event and the lack of other major gaming events to show the world the true bread and butter of the game before its launch. I could be wrong though.

Are you really shocked at the fact that Mafia 3‘s world is being treated as its own character of sorts? Do you think that when you clean up the specific crime boss in the location the area will shift over to whomever you give control to in terms of looks and ecology? Do you think that the game will stay as open ended as the devs have stated or will it be an illusion with a set path to walk? Let us know your thought and feelings down in the comments. For all things Mafia 3 be sure to stay right here as we will cover everything that we can possibly cover for the game as we move toward launch.

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