Mafia 3 Finally Gets Its Throwback & Districts Defined

Mafia 3 — Vito Scaletta - The Throwback

Two new video s for Mafia 3 have been released with one showing off the 3rd lieutenant and the other Mafia 3’s districts built in the city

It looks like I may have spoken too soon on the lieutenant side of things yesterday for Mafia 3. Yes, we had a good behind the scenes look at Cassandra as Hangar 13 has crafted her but I know I was looking to find out about Vito Scaletta and his whole story. Or at least as much of the story for Mafia 3 as 2K Games is willing to give us all as we wait for the October 7th release date for the game. Not so long from now and it looks like we now have a good look at the whole crew and only more to come so they are full fleshed out.

Here we go with Vito whom has to be the most fleshed out character for Mafia 3 given the character’s history in the franchise. He was the protagonist of Mafia 2 and now it looks like everything he did before for the family is being thrown out the window as he is also on their list of people to get rid of. This would be why he joins up with Lincoln Clay so he can get his revenge on the Italian Mob. I have a feeling that his actions will most likely make everything he gets well deserved but maybe he will be the patsy they wanted and his pride won’t let that stand at all. Just as before.

Mafia 3 — Vito Scaletta – The Throwback

He’s seen it all, rising through the mob ranks. Sent down to New Bordeaux by the commission from Empire Bay, he’s a man shaken by his past. He’s a man bound by loyalty even as he’s pushed to the brink. What will finally make him rise up against Italian Mafia he’s served for so long? Lincoln Clay – and revenge for a lifelong friend.

If that wasn’t enough Mafia 3 to look at for now, then you’re in luck. In addition to our look at Vito it also seems that Hangar 13 has selected to give us a rundown of all of the city district in the game. Each of which being ours for the taking and dealing with the underbelly and horrors involved in each. Mathematically it looks like you can dole out three to each of the lieutenants and still have a floater to appease any that may be a little upset with you. At least if you choose to be fair and even with everyone in your gameplay. That is always the option if you want to make sure no one turns on you.

Mafia 3 — City Districts

In 1971, the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence interviewed John Donovan, CIA handler for Lincoln Clay during his prolonged stint in Vietnam. The Donovan tapes pull back the veil on the seedy underbelly of crime and corruption that plagued the sprawling city under the control of the Italian Mafia. In the first of six tapes, Donovan explains what lay beneath each of the New Bordeaux’s ten distinct districts.

What are your thoughts on Vito here for Mafia 3? Do you think he will be another great cog in your machine or will his pride get the better of him yet again? When it comes to the districts, do you think you’ll be fair and even or will it all come down to who can make more money for you? Let us know your thoughts and feel free to discuss everything down in the comments. Be sure to stay right here for more on Mafia 3 in the coming days and weeks. We’ll have it all right here for you and you won’t want to miss out on a single thing that will be coming.

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