Lt. Belica Is Reporting For Duty In Paragon

Paragon — Lt. Belica

Another hero is here for Paragon and this time it is another take-no-BS female just as we should expect from Paragon for now

A little more time has passed and now we have another hero coming to Paragon. Only this time it looks a little more familiar than it should as Epic Games is bringing us Lt. Belica to join into the fight with all of the usual things you can expect for a space marine type of character. Add in a bit of the flair from Paragon and I’m sure you can see just how this character will look and play. All for free and on the PC and PS4 here on September 13th. These characters are just flying off the shelves aren’t they?

Full details for Lt. Belica here for Paragon are not fully fleshed out but it does look like she borrows a lot from a few of the other popular FPS titles out there that feature Space Marines. If you can’t figure out which IPs I am alluding to here then I am not sure why you are even here looking at this. Maybe you should go and Google some of the history for video games and see just what I am talking about here. At least it is another female character for Paragon and she does look like she will add in some fun ranged combat with up close as well.

Paragon — Lt. Belica

Bring justice to the battlefield as Lt. Belica, the new Burst Caster Hero in Paragon. Play Lt. Belica on Tuesday, September 13.

What do you think about L. Belica here for Paragon? Do you think she will be a great addition to it all or will she be too much like other characters that she’ll get lost in the mix? What do you think the next character for the game will be or entail? Let us know what you are thinking and discuss in the comments below. For more on Paragon as it comes out, be sure to stick right here as we’ll bring you all of the little tidbits and bigger news we get for it over time.

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