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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Database

So, say you have a horrible memory. You played the MGS games years ago and hardly remember or get all of the references and inside jokes that Hideo Kojima is throwing at you in MGS4. Or you have no clue who the hell they are talking about when going into the long and gorgeous cut scenes. Well Sony and Konami are going to hook up the cut for you. How? By releasing a story and character database for free.

What will it all contain? Character bios, the complete storyline, relationship trees, and spoiler protection. WTF is spoiler protection? Well this database will scan your save file and see where you are in the game. If there is data in the database that will spoil the game, it will be blacked out. Much like you see in those top secret documents that have been edited for your protection. Now that is awesome. And think, I’ve been spending time trying to get a recap from YouTube videos before this. Now there will be something to reference when ever there is something mentioned I don’t remember. Only drawback, it may cut into my MGS playing time. But this is a great idea. Kudos Konami.

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