LittleBigPlanet beta coming real soon

PS3 owners may just get a chance to beta test the upcoming game LittleBigPlanet early this month. One of the devolopers on the Playstation Message Board, Sam_Protagonist, let everyone in on the details.



In terms of LittleBigPlanet, the game itself is all but complete
however we’re looking to run a test of the sharing, uploading,
downloading and multiplayer server side of the game before it launches
to ensure that under a large number of users it does everything it is
supposed to. This kind of testing is often referred to as a Stress
Test, however we’re looking a little more deeply into the game
experience than simply throwing thousands of players at the online side
of the game at the same time.

So, here’s all the information you need regarding LBP’s test.

There will be a limited public beta test for LittleBigPlanet in
September. If it will be possible to “sign up” for this test, full
information on how to do so will be made public in advance of the test.
Similarly if the test is going to be conducted in an invitation-only we
will let you know ahead of time.

Most important to note is that a beta should never be considered a demo
of the game. Expect it to break, expect to be asked to give feedback
and expect it not to work all the time. A beta test is part of the
development process for games, it’s not a means of selling the game,
advertising it or otherwise offering some kind of extended trial. — Playstation Message Board

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